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Vishwatej Pawar, fondly known as Vishi, is a wildlife enthusiast and photographer from India. He is primarily interested in nature photography & also is keen to help in conserving wildlife.

Being an avid traveller Vishi has travelled to various states all across India and he has effectively utilized his leadership skills in leading tours for eco-tourism organisations like Insearch Outdoors & Beyond Wild from Pune. He also expertly guides birdwatching and photography excursions and conducts his own workshops from time-to-time.

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
— Gary Snyder

Vishi actively does presentations related to wildlife and ethics of nature photography for schools, colleges & various other organizations with a prime motive of spreading awareness about the importance of ignored Indian habitats and wildlife such as Indian Wolves and Grasslands which really need protection from us in order to help maintain balance in the ecosystem.
He also regularly contributes his photographs to the forest department which are used for conservation purposes.

He is part of a team called WolfGang from Pune who are functioning in association with Maharashtra Forest Department - Pune Division and Wildlife Institute of India. Their motive is to help in conserving the Indian Wolf which is a highly ignored species but one of critical importance to the survival of the grassland ecosystem. Wolfgang has helped Wildlife Institute of India radio collar four Indian Wolves in Maharashtra and the data generated will certainly contribute to the conservation of the species.



Awards —


ePAWS Exotic Fish & Bird Expo

Gov of India - World Wetlands Day 2013 Online Nature Photo Competition


Client List —

Ramsukh Resorts
Cake ApPetit
World of Veg
Insearch Outdoors
Beyond Wild
Mr. Dumpu Delicious
Ar.cs Architects(Dhruv Chandwania)

Published —

Sanctuary Asia
Maharashtra Unlimited
A Pictoral Guide to the Birds of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh
Threatened Birds of Jammu and Kashmir
Threatened Birds of Maharashtra
Birds of our Neighbourhood
A Birder's Handbook to Manipal
Pune Mirror
Pune Times
Indian Express
Maharashtra Times


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